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Lotus Notes meetings not syncing to Incredible

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hammonfd, May 18, 2010.

  1. hammonfd

    hammonfd Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I am using LN 8.5 and syncing the calendar and contacts to my Incredible. There are only certain calendar entries that are not syncing successfully to my phone. I have tried the following, with no luck:

    1) completely erase the calendar on my phone
    2) removed the calendar entries from Lotus Notes and re-added them. One entry is a repeating entry in which I was not the creator of the entry. The other entry was a single entry in which I was not the creator.
    3) done a soft reset of my device and rebooted my PC

    What else am I missing?

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  2. Drewwitda22

    Drewwitda22 Lurker

    How are you syncing? I'd love to know as I'm 8.5 as well. Are you using a sync to Google cal program? Thanks!
  3. hammonfd

    hammonfd Newbie
    Thread Starter

    HTC Sync
  4. andydrew

    andydrew Newbie

    If you company has deployed Traveler 8.5.x you can also get your Lotus Notes email, calendars, and contacts syncing over-the-air using Nitrodesk Touchdown. To your Android device Traveler looks like Exchange with ActiveSync.

    I was unable to get the native HTC email client syncing with Traveler, had to use Touchdown.

    There is no firm date, but IBM is also working on an update to Traveler that will support Android OS via an application that can be downloaded and installed from your Traveler server. That will avoid having to get Touchdown and provide 'official' support for Android from IBM.
  5. hammonfd

    hammonfd Newbie
    Thread Starter

    We don't have Traveler and even if we did, that may not explain my current problem. The syncing has been working up until now with these specific calendar events.
  6. sixmetres

    sixmetres Lurker

    Htc sync does not sync properly between my lotus notes 8.5 calendar and my HTC desire. But it seems to work fine on the contacts. Like you I have tried all possible settings.
    Nokia pc suite could do it without any problem so the issue is not with Notes.
    Going via Traveler is not an option for me either.
    Let's hope Htc acknoledge this and fix it. Otherwise the first to write an app that can do this reliably will make millions.
  7. TXModeler

    TXModeler Lurker

    I was experiencing the same problem on my Incredible using HTC Sync and my Notes calendar. It worked fine initially, but stopped later. I use Lotus Notes v8.0.2. It stopped working after I upgraded from v2.0.25 to v2.0.33. Even after reverting back to the original version, it no longer worked.

    I found that if I changed the preferences in the Calendar Settings for Lotus Notes to synchronize appointments within a range of days (30 before & 90 after today), it started working fine again.

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