Jul 27, 2017
Hi all,

I got a problem with the loud speaker during calls.

The speaker works fine and has good volume levels at all other times. Alarms, ringtones, videos, music - these are all fine.

When I attempt to talk to someone using the loud speaker during a call, volume is disproportionately low in comparison to all other functions and unusable despite being set to max in all available settings.

Volume during regular non-loud speaker calls is fine.

What's more, it appears the in call volume slider does not affect the in-call loud speaker volume at all. It doesn't make it quieter, either.

I'd be grateful for advice.

Okay, in case anyone encounters this issue...
Problem was solved via factory reset.

Edit. Problem is connected to Google speech recognition. If the 'OK, Google' thing is active (for example in maps) loud speaker volume is decreased. Once speech recognition is off, volume levels return to normal.
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