Love my Active so far

I figured I would put my two cents in.

I upgraded from the Captivate which I had from day 1. Despite all my efforts, after almost three years it just didn't want to do what I wanted. Fortunately AT&T Premier had a deal where I got the Active for $100 and still got to keep my old phone. The AT&T store wanted me to trade in and I am like no way. Now I can hack away at my Captivate without worries.

Reason I bought the Active:
I work outside mostly, in South Florida and it rains, it is hot and it gets dusty. It is also very sunny (see below for display).

Battery Life:
So far, I have pulled it off charge at 7am and at 10pm I still have 50%. I am super impressed. I am a casual user so I may play some solitaire, look up stuff through Google and stream a couple of videos and stream music, but that is about it. I do know if you use it to play intensive games and watch lots of video, the battery life is going to degrade.

The LCD screen outside is great. I always struggled to see my Captivate in direct sunlight, but the LCD screen is giving me better hope in seeing who is testing me, emailing me or calling me no matter what light level I am at.

Sounds loud and strong. I am not an audiophile, but being able to hear everything when I am tone deaf in one ear is a plus.

Blazing fast. Considering my single core Captivate, this is the difference between a stroll in the park and the Indy 500.

I love the instant flashlight (used it about 10 minutes ago when someone blew a breaker in the building). No app to go to, just press up on the volume rocker and voila!, instant light.
The GPS is solid and extremely accurate. I use Waze for navigation which in my opinion is better than Google's. I suggest giving it a whirl. (BTW the GPS on the Captivate Sucked!)

My only problem now is finding a case. I am not yet sold on anything and I really want an Otterbox or something equivalent. So right now I am being very careful with it. I have seen some threads on cases, but no real reviews that sell me.

I have thought about wireless charging. IMO the wireless charging should be part of the battery itself. If someone can figure out a way to integrate it into the battery without having to modify anything then I am sold. I think the NFC antenna is part of the battery so that might be the only concern.

Well, got to go. It is raining outside and I have lots to do here at work.


I've had mine for a little over a week now and I could not be happier with the battery life, with my old phone, (Galaxy Nexus)I would keep a charger in my work truck and in my car, and even one in my living room to make sure i had enough charge for when I went out. With the active, I don't ever have to worry about it, I barely break the 50% mark by the time I go to bed at night, and as for the waterproof? it is. I took it in the pool with me just last night and took some rather awesome pics and videos under water. The quality was amazing.