Love my GS2 but worried about the heating up issue


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Well I got my GS2 the other day and love it. I keep reading that there is problems with the phone getting hot. I have not felt my phone get really hot yet but it does get warm but was thinking that must be do to how thin the phone is. Is it true that there will be an update for this and it will be fixed ? I am with Bell Canada for the first time so hope they are on the ball better then Telus.


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The fact that the phone gets hot from time to time (especially where the cpu is located) is normal, it is a 1,2ghz clocked chip in a shell thinner than any handset yet... I had the heating happening a few times and then I swithed it off, and turned it back on, that way nothing bad ever happened. It might be an app that keeps running useless processes in the background or something minor (It might have nothing to do with the phone itself). I can only suggest that you turn off the phone, take out the battery and let it cool off for 2 minutes when it gets REALLY hot. It only happened to me during the first 3 weeks, now I'm using cognition s2 1.51 and never had the heating up problem ;)


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slight heating could be due to the thinness of the phone, but if ur experiencing serious heat, this is due to an early firmware issue.. which firmware are u running? update to anything newer than KF2 and ur good :)


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Ya same thing for me. I had the Euro S2 and had serious heating issues with KE7 but none of the newer firmwares. No issues with my Bell S2.
But I wouldn't wait for Bell to release timely updates. Odin is much better :)


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A warm phone is fine but a hot phone is not. My phone warms up if I'm playing a graphics heavy game or my 3G reception is poor for an extended time. Both are battery hogs.