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Lovin' the new Seidio Ext. Batt

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by NoMoreSymbian, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. NoMoreSymbian

    NoMoreSymbian Member
    Thread Starter

    Picked up the new Seidio 3200 extended battery for my GS2 and I love it! I also had the ext batt for my Captivate but this battery is much thinner! Don't know how they managed it but the thinness sure is appreciated. Amazing battery life with my average usage, no power user for sure and radio's only on when I want them on. Also the "soft touch coating" that Seidio uses is so nice, you really have more grip. Door fits very well, tightly all around. You seat in on the bottom first, then work clockwise around the phone until it is all snapped into place.

    Link to Seidio site: seidioonline.com

    Link to where I purchased a tad cheaper: Seidio Innocell 3200mAh Extended Battery for AT&T Galaxy S II - Android Batteries - ShopAndroid

    A couple pics:



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  2. wolfyboy359

    wolfyboy359 Well-Known Member

    glad you are happy! while we are sharing, I just got an otterbox for my phone and so far think it's pretty cool!
  3. SGS2

    SGS2 Well-Known Member

    i bought on december, 2011, my 2nd seidio, and they do a very good job. i definitely agree, as mungen has a $99 list price, and seidio is around $70 for the same 3,200 mAh capacity. seidio is definitely a great company. mungen is 50% more expensive.

    the first time i installed the cover, i accidentially broke off the cover's tabs, and they sent out a free replacement cover. i took 30 minutes to do it when i first installed it, and followed the instructions for mounting it, but i still messed it up. regardless, i appreciated a free replacement cover.

    anyway, something to keep in mind, they do sell just (only) the back cover for around $15 if you need a replacement. i bought an extra rear cover just in case i need it because if you break the tabs, it takes a week to get a new cover and in the mean time, the cover falls off. just my experience.......
  4. misterrunon

    misterrunon Well-Known Member

    wow, $70 for an aftermarket battery? i'd rather buy 3 OEM batteries with that money, and always carry one in my pocket.
  5. SGS2

    SGS2 Well-Known Member

    well, the seidio 3,200mAh battery last about 2 times longer the stock 1,650 mAh oem, so i suppose if someone wanted to charge and juggle 2 or 3 batteries, instead of just one seidio, your idea could work.

    however, if keys or coins touch the battery contacts in your pocket, it will drain/short out the battery, and if forgotten in a pocket, the washing maching will ruin it.. also, if you but extra standard batteries, oem or not, it will cost as much as just one $70 seidio. for me a $70 seidio is an excellent value for doubling the battery life.
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  6. NoMoreSymbian

    NoMoreSymbian Member
    Thread Starter

    To each his own. This battery went 3.5 days for me and I do not miss the daily charging of the oem batt. Also I am not sure how the battery door would hold up to all the battery changing under your scenario. It seems kind of flimsy to me.
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  7. rgr555

    rgr555 Well-Known Member

    Just ordered mines. i had the seidio for my HTC incredible and the extra battery really gives better value for your smart phone overall. Can't wait to go overboard on cool widgets without worrying, etc.
  8. Xphyle

    Xphyle Member

    Wow. I bought the GTMAX 3500 mah battery off of Amazon for $15, and so far, it's amazing. Check the other thread on here about it. I feel really sorry for you that you spent like 6 TIMES more than I did for the same thing.

  9. misterrunon

    misterrunon Well-Known Member

    thsoe GTMAX batteries look like they are made from the same company that made my vibrant batteries... which were horrid. the seido batteries are made in taiwan at least, so i'd think the quality on those should be better... but there's no way in hell that it would cost the company even half of that $70 to manufacture.
  10. rgr555

    rgr555 Well-Known Member

    its the quality. i've read the reviews and some ppl have problems with longevity hence the $15. still great value though.

    seidio = japanese cells, made in Taiwan
  11. Puddin422

    Puddin422 Android Expert

    Seidio batteries rock!!! Great company, too.
  12. rgr555

    rgr555 Well-Known Member

    this battery is insane..getting like 80 hours with very moderate use

    the casing it comes in is already a great addition. I wanted to preserve the galaxy's thinness and wow factor but i could barely hold it while texting or dialing, almost dropped it a few times. the battery now gives you a grip while handling the phone.
  13. NoMoreSymbian

    NoMoreSymbian Member
    Thread Starter

    Funny how charging used to an everyday thing and now it kind of surprises you when it needs charging eh? :D
  14. rgr555

    rgr555 Well-Known Member

    Yup. I had the Seidio for my previous HTC Incredible but the first few days with the S2 without the battery was kind of stressful. imo It's kind of dumb having a smartphone without this extra battery life..
  15. dizastermike

    dizastermike Lurker

    i had a seidio for my bold 9000 years ago, i looooved my battery, i cant wait to get my seidio for my new sgs2... this is something all smartphone users need to invest in...
  16. chienb

    chienb Newbie

    +1... but damn that looks nice
  17. SGS2

    SGS2 Well-Known Member

    valid point that seidio has a huge profit margin, but i have had excellent success with seidio batteries on my old captivate and now on my sgs2. and when i say success, i mean the battery holds its charge and has had no defects or recharging memory problems.

    regardless of who makes a battery, as with laptops, a battery is only going to last a certain amount of cycles, or charges. seidio, in my experience has lasted longer than i used my phone.

    for example, my captivate's seidio never wore out - i got a new phone, the sgs2, before it even could. also, having a seidio on my sgs2 i bet i will be buying a new phone before the sgs2 seidio battery dies out.

    if you want to talk about a rip off, mungen charges $99 for their sgs2 extended 3,200 mAh battery. that is 50% more than seidio, and seidio's battery cover is soft and furry. i feel sorry for anyone who buys a mungen.
  18. rdahl578

    rdahl578 Lurker

    I had a similar experience as the poster above. I tried like a madman to get the battery cover on, eventually snapping one of the tabs. I ordered a replacement cover, was extremely careful with it and eventually I got it on. Their directions say to go clockwise from the bottom. I ended up doing bottom first, then right side, left side, and top last. I had a full day use with the stock battery, the extended battery could probably give me about 2-2.5 days.

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