Jul 22, 2013
Hi Everyone

First post so please be kind and also please don't chastise too quickly when I tell you I've come from a Crackberry (well, at least I finally saw the light PLUS didn't go to the Dark Side of the Iphone!).

Other than finding this whole typing-on-glass malarky a bit odd, am loving the new Galaxy S4 Mini but wonder if any of you can help with a few queries I have that I just can't get to the bottom of:-

1) I'm keen to use the password/screenlock when I'm out and about but don't want it on when inside. Is there a quicker way to turn it on and off other than going through the whole palaver of Settings/My device/Lock Screen/Screen Lock etc etc and then the same again to turn it off?

2) Emails - is there any way of 'Marking All Read' or 'Mark prior to a certain date' read to avoid having the little number badge notification on my email folder constantly (unless I delete and I don't want to delete all).

3) Any way of assigning a certain ringtone to a phone group - i.e. Friends - rather than imputting the ringtone individually under their contact profile?

Also, just a couple of App queries -

Has anyone found an App that:-

1) syncs a clear-to-read/navigate calendar both ways with Microsoft Outlook 2007

2) syncs notes both ways with MS Outlook 2007

Thanks so much in advance.

SamsungNewbie :thinking: