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Loving my K1

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by effingpot, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. effingpot

    effingpot Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I got my K1 last week and haven't put it down. Well that's when I can get it off my kids. Popped in my google account details and wham it's all there. Setting up wifi was a doddle and updates pop in just like an android phone via alerts in the bottom bar.

    You can change the default progs that feature on the homepage and I use my pop email for that as I don't use gmail much and gmail generates little alerts when something happens so I get both anyway. The defaults are called ZONES and can be changed using the little cog icon right next to them. On the right is full access to settings - dead easy and well placed.

    It reminds me a bit of the HTC in terms of usage but I guess that's just android for you. I like how the gallery app has found all my Picasa photos - something my HTC doesn't do. I like the Lenovo app store as they seem to have preselected useful and tested apps rather than ploughing through the zillions in the Market. If you want to do that the Market is there too of course. I didn't like how you need to register for the Lenovo app store with a credit card as I only want free apps for now. You get an email thanking you for your purchase each time you download - even if free. Worried me the first time but price was zero so no problem.

    I like how easy it is to select apps and install, uninstall - much easier than my HTC phone and more intuitive.

    Only issue I found is that skype does not allow video calls but that is lack of skype support right now I believe. There were two games that don't seem to work well - but I'm not too worried about Pyramid or Doodle jump.

    A couple things I like, especially after trying sort out my mum's iPad (yuck) is that it has "documents to go" installed which means all the powerpoint, xl, word and pdf stuff just works (I had to mess around with iPad to find something to help there). The printer app is brilliant - it just found my canon printer and printed to it perfectly - wow that was easy.

    Oh yeah and flash works so all those web sites I can't use on iPad just work fine. Don't believe apple don't do that - oh well.

    The little physical button on the right as well as taking you to home is also a swipe button - found that by accident - takes you to menu one way, and back a screen the other way. Has a couple little lights near it that flash to tell you it knows you want to power on which is also helpful.

    The little icons at the bottom always allow you to go back to desktop (one press) and home (two presses). The other one on the left is another way to go back a screen which is very useful and the last one shows you all running apps, similar to iPad. When a menu option is avail another icon appears which does the menu function.

    Oh and web seems more functional than on the iThing - you get a more normal browser experience with easier access to home, tabs and bookmarks - I got irritated with the iPad browser (could be my age). Oh and it automatically brought up my iGoogle homepage - wasn't expecting that but it's impressive.

    Final thing - pressing the little + sign at the top right takes you to a simple page where you can add or change widgets, apps, wallpapers and so on. It also shows you the 5 screens and you can place things directly where you want them all from the one page - much easier than the way phones work.

    All in all, as you can probably tell, I love it.

    Any questions before you decide - let me know and I'll try and answer.
    Lenovo lists the preinstalled apps on their website for each country I believe.

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  2. bearballz

    bearballz Well-Known Member

    Digging my K1 to, picked one up from CompUsa on sale for $350.00. I was little concerned because some the reviews were a bit negative. I orginally bought an Asus Transformer but took it back because because it kept freezing up on me. Decided to take a chance because of the price and am very happy with it.

    Pretty much does everything the Transformer does plus I love the little things like the back buttom which you can push to take you back to the home screen or sliding your finger across it which backs you out of screen your're in. Plus the "favorites wheel which you can load with your favorite apps is a great idea. I also like the fact you can close out the previous screens or apps without using a taskiller.

    Speed is fine and Netflix works like a charm. Still a bit confused about that SD card issue in which you need a paperclip to open the slot up but not a big deal. All in all a solid tablet and with the price why aren't these things flying off the shelves? Has the same guts as most other tablets, there isn't a USB port like on the Thrive or Iconia tablets but that is not a dealbreaker for me. Plus the apps it's bundled with are pretty decent although I did delete a bunch of them.
  3. mcgam

    mcgam Lurker

    I too am very satisfied with the K1. But when I regestered at the Levino ap storeI just did not fill out the credit card part and it let me regrester. One other thing, the SD care door takes considerable pressure to open. ;)

  4. hankc

    hankc Lurker

    I love my K1 too. The price was right and this Tablet is fantastic. I almost took it back when I starting loosing the battle with the SD card door, I'll probably never open it again and16gb will have to do for now. We are an Asus and Lenovo family, the only brands we have luck with. Almost went for the Galaxy 10.1.
  5. aznmode

    aznmode Android Enthusiast

    You need to insert the included paper clip thing in the hole next to the sd card cover or you can use a pin or small paper clip and it should pop open. This is also in the quick start guide.
  6. Ryerocks

    Ryerocks Lurker

    Love my new k1, but have a few things that I can't seem to figure out. Maybe someone can help me..

    - How to delete icons from specific desktop screens or move them. I can add them easily enough, but it just creates duplicates if they already exist on a different screen. Ultimately, I want to move all the games to one desktop, kids stuff to another, utilities to another, etc.

    - The gps hasn't worked for me yet. Continually searching for location. But I haven't really tried this outside much yet, so maybe that will help.

    - Add codecs for video formats. mkv movies don't seem to be recognized. I suppose I could just download a new app that covers it, but would be nice to just use the provided player.
  7. effingpot

    effingpot Newbie
    Thread Starter

    - Deleting icons - just hold your finger on it - a REMOVE icon appears top right of the screen - drag the icon and drop it there.
    - Moving icons - hold your finger on the icon and drag it left or right. A light blue bar appears on the left and right of the screen - drag it to that to go to the next screen with the icon. Better still - when you click on APPS to add an app to your desktop, hold your finger on it - the 5 desktop screens appear at the bottom of the app screen - you can drag it directly to the screen and if you hold it there a second longer - to the precise position on the selected screen so it's right first time.
    - GPS needs to be able to "see" satelleties. Unless you have a satelite in your house, go outside and stop teasing it ;-)
    - codecs - no idea, sorry
  8. Ryerocks

    Ryerocks Lurker

    Awesome.. Thank you!
  9. Mongoo

    Mongoo Lurker

    Actually the default Lenovo Movie Player will play mkv files. I could not find any other downloaded players that would. Just use the lenovo movie player.
  10. Blue04gto

    Blue04gto Lurker

    I was wondering if you guys could help me im having major issues with my k1 tablet wen i got it it had android 3.1installed on it and everything worked fine but once i installed the 3.2.1 my tablet wont play any flash videos for more than 1 minute without the video pausing by itself and becoming unplayable unless i refresh the internet page and even after the refresh it still freezes at the one minute mark.i also noticed a lot of force close in the browser with flash heavy content which all of these worked fine on android 3.1 ive tried a factory reset and it still does the samething is there anything u guys know wat to do to fix this or is there any way to fix this ot get it reported to be fixed?? Or is there anyway i can go back to android 3.1 and if so how and where would i get the original software?? Any input is greatly appreciated
  11. effingpot

    effingpot Newbie
    Thread Starter

  12. johncap

    johncap Lurker

    I love mine as well. However, the users manual is terrible. Very little talk about the SD external card and what all can be done with it. Also, wish they would address in that manual the ease or lack thereof, of using a simple PRINT feature or how to get one. Since I have owned it I have not been able to get a thing to print.
  13. effingpot

    effingpot Newbie
    Thread Starter

    You are right about the manual - it's not terribly good. For printing mine came preloaded with Printershare - it's in the APPS page. I found it quite easy to print photos and docs - the PRINTERSHARE option appears under the "share" icon for photos and for DOCS you start Printershare and point it at the file on your tablet you want to print. I managed to print to my home printer in a few seconds as it was so easy. You get 20 pages free to try it. No idea on the SD Card I'm afraid.

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