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Loving This Phone!!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JaeWeb, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. JaeWeb

    JaeWeb Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I am very happy with my little Dart! I have had a high end phone such as the Fascinate and Captivate. But having both those seemed to be too much for me. I used to use all the widgets but found I didn't need all the bells and whistles. So I've downgraded to the Dart (also own the Gravity Smart) and couldn't be happier! I'm much happier with the smaller screen size, much more manageable for me and fits in my pocket unlike the other slabs I've had. Even with the lower screen resolution, I've had no problems navigating through basic functions. I no longer use any widgets but still have the joy of the basic Android experience. Battery life is still sub par but as with any Android phone, thats to be expected. All in all, very happy and highly recommend for those looking to downgrade and those wanting to make small steps into the Android experience :)


  2. t499user

    t499user Newbie

    Glad you like this little cheap phone! I do too and don't worry about too much because it was cheap. :)
  3. ITz A Fuhrer

    ITz A Fuhrer Lurker

    ive had a great time messing around with rooting this phone but i cannot find any roms for it anywhere has anyone successfully installed any?? :thinking:
  4. ekz13

    ekz13 Member

    CM7 rom and custom recovery located here

    MADTeam Forum - Index
  5. masterpeace

    masterpeace Lurker

    Anyone know how too get the flash player 11 too work on the phone..it said on the market place it not your device isn't compatible with this item..anyone found away to get it running on the phone
  6. pclov3r

    pclov3r Lurker

    I've been happy with this phone. I scored a 2 month old used one for $60

    It isn't the best in the world but hey for the price how can you complain? There is worse non android phones that cost more!
  7. Shreela

    Shreela Lurker

    The SGH-499 Dart is my first smartphone - I finally broke down after the prices became frugal. So far, I'm glad I started with a phone without all the bells and whistles, for it seems I'm in for a bit of a learning curve just adjusting to the phone ^_^
  8. My old phone gave up the ghost after years of dropping it and I think I washed it at least twice all the way through the spin cycle. I had to find a replacement, this little Dart was so close to the price of a not-so-smart phone... I got it at WalMart $99.00 and the Walmart Family Plan 2 phones for $81.00 (Unlimited Talk, Text, and Net) It does way more than I ever imagined and I am happy to say the WalMart Family plan is really (REALLY-TMOBILE) except the people are much nicer in Customer Service and there is no contract.

    Back to the DART by SAM-Sung (La,La,Laaaa) I am pleased as can be and its light, compact, great screen..all I did was upgrade the memory card for $14.00 or something like that. I had it a couple of months now and I kinda chuckle when I see people pull out their Mega$$$Phones and think to myself. "Less is more..." The END :bike:
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  9. notyou

    notyou Lurker

    Why do people keep saying "cheap little phone"? Inexpensive, sure, but cheap, no. Does anyone mention tough as tacks? I installed an app to get 0 - 60, 0 - 100, 1/4 mile times for my bike. Found an empty, safe-ish strip of blacktop to give it a go. Made a run, got the corner to ckeck my performance and found or didn't find my phone. Dropped it. Oh #%*&@ !! Turned around. Battery cover, check. Phone, check. But no battery. Found it the next day. I figure I dropped the phone at about 80 mph, based on where I found it. Couple scrathes here and there, however, screen is perfect, other than that the phone is in excellent working order. Does it take 5 - 10 seconds to find something online, yes. Is it small but mighty, definetly. Cheap, no.
  10. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations!
    VIP Member

    Welcome to the forums! Great story, notyou! :D
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  11. notyou

    notyou Lurker

    I felt it needed to be said. A friend has a Galaxy S which is a cool tool, 'cuz that's what I feel phones really are, but with all the apps out there, an Android is an Android, not a status symbol. Just my opinion. Thanks for the comment anyway The_Chief.
  12. t499user

    t499user Newbie

    Because it really is inexpensive and cheap, that is why people say cheap. I agree that it is durable, but it is still cheap. I can give you a turd that is really durable as well, but still a turd.

    Cheap lagging processor - Check!
    Cheap low resolution easily scratched screen - Check!
    Cheap Microphone and Speakers - Check!
    Cheap non focusing camera - Check!
    Cheap slow low quantity memory - Check!

    Just because it really is made with cheap parts doesn't mean that people don't like it. Does it come close to my SGS2? Oh hell no, not anywhere close, but then again the Dart was only $100usd. Can't ask much more for an unused, easily unlocked, dirt cheap GSM phone.

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