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I'm still new to the Droid, I got it a few days ago, but I was really bugged by how slow the 2d games seemed. Diong some research online I found all the information on the web about how it was from the 2.1 update.

I read that the CyanogenMod Rom skipped over the 2d problems... So i dove for it. I love the ROM, but I still dont feel like the problem has gotten better. I installed the FPS2D app to check, and I'm still averaging around 35 fps.

So last night I read online that a new kernel and OC'ing the CPU help. So I installed SetCPU and got the 5-slot 1ghz LV kernel, but I cant tell a difference at all.

Was it true that CM Rom doesnt have 2D problems, and I did something wrong? Or was I misinformed? Are there any other solutions for this?



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I am not familiar with this but maybe check widgets, updates, polling, sync to see if something is sucking up resources?
That is all I have

OH - free RAM too

Mr. Monkey

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Yeah I did that too... I'm oc'ed to 1ghz. the only widgets i have are pandora, facebook, and beautiful home.

Oooh.. looks like i had a profile set to max at 800, so I changed that. Now running 1ghz I average 48 fps. That's a huge increase. :) Still not the normal 60... but getting closer i suppose.