Low Budget Smartwatch


Hi, I have found this smartwatch that doesn't cost as much as Samsung Galaxy Gear. What do you guys think? It seems like a good watch for me to consider to pair with my existing Galaxy SII.

MiGo SmartWatch


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That "Smart Bracelet" is more suited for the ladies ehh? Maybe I could get for my gf anyhow, and she would have no more reason not to realize and pick up my call! hahahaha

Anyhow, I was looking at this too.....

Much more cheaper than the $189 Smart Phone Watch....

Mobile Phone Watch Quad Band GSM, Touchscreen, Keypad

Ahhhhh...I'm gonna crack my head to make a choice. Maybe I shouldnt get a smartwatch first. though i really feel like wanna try playing with one. >.<


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For more quality stuff, checkout my reviews (link in signature or in a sticky of this forum). For cheap $100, the best solution is SmartQ Z android watch: SmartQ Z smart watch - xda-developers , with developers community behind it already. You can see more at Other SmartWatches - xda-developers already a custom ROM for it.

I'm sticking to Omate TrueSmart, just have to wait when they release official software/firmware release since right now it's all in beta testing "developers edition".

Sorry, all the products in above posts, even that android watch, were not of a good quality. For something really cheap, you can get this $41 watch I reviewed here: http://androidforums.com/android-ac...etooth-watch-your-smartphone-w-lots-pics.html