Oct 11, 2022

when I make a call from my A31, the first call is characterized by low microphone volume, the called person can hardly hear me... if I end the call and call again everything is fine (It doesn't matter with who I'm trying to make a call).

I tried:

- phone factory reset: the problem is solved for about 5 days and then everything starts again

- to check apps that have permission to access the microphone: there is none allowed

- to check apps only when they are in use, there is: AndroidAuto, Camera, Google, Google Voice services, Meet, WhatsApp, Messages

- To switch off VoLTE: it doesn't helped

Can anybody help me to solve this? It is very annoying.

Thanks you

It is strange, that it is happening only on first call, then is OK. Why do you think it is HW problem?
well if a factory reset does not work than the issue is most likely not a software issue. you can try a hard reset which is a slightly more deeper wipe.

but if that does not work than you can most likely rule out a software issue.....which leads to that it might be a hardware issue.

or your best bet, is to take it in to a repair shop and see what they say it might be.
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You can restart your phone first and then make the call, may this can help.
But, if this also doesn't work then you should visit the nearest mobile shop for help.