Oct 29, 2009
Buffalo Grove, IL
I am running a stock rooting. My phone storage is down to 13 MB. The largest app running is Touchdown which is around 20MB all by itself. Other than rooting (which quite frankly totally confuses me), what can I do to "manage" the internal phone storage. I have a 16GB SD card with 13GB free. Any way to transfer some of the apps to the SD card. Thanks for the help.
I tried your link and ran into a little issue with "waiting for device". I looked through the page and, tried to fix the problem, no luck.

In the meantime, I tried to re-sync the HTC to our Exchange server. I don't know what I did different but EVERYTHING now syncs perfectly. I uninstalled TD and regained 30MB of space.

I still may try rooting later.
can't remember where it was mentioned exactly, but your supposed to turn it off, then when that message pops up you turn it back on
here we go

I finally figured out how to root without looping. After rooting 13 phones, this is how I did it on the first try.

Turn USB Debugging OFF

Click Root

When it says: Waiting for Device, Turn USB Debugging ON

It'll now run RATC

When it says: Starting ADB Server...
Turn USB Debugging OFF
Turn USB Debugging ON
Turn USB Debugging OFF
All BEFORE it says "Waiting for device..." again