Low Price Buddy: A fast app for getting the job done.

I really like this app, it does what many other barcode scanning, and product look-up, apps fail to do. It gets the job done very fast. Put simply this app scans, and instantly begins to look-up the product information. It pulls all the information from amazon, so it is accurate enough for everyday use.

I prefer the streamline functionality of this app over the competitors. I do not have to scan, then scroll through a list of available merchants or select price ranges. Low Price Buddy has saved me a lot of time in situations where I just need to whip out my phone and get next to instant results.

Another thing this app has that a lot do not, is voice search. That is right, you can tell it what you want to buy, and it will give you the pricing details on the most relative product. It is quite ingenious.

Bottom line: it is a great app that everyone should try.