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Low Volume

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by CuBz, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. CuBz

    CuBz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Is there any app or anything to increase the call and speaker volume?

    They are well too quite. When I am outdoors I cannot hear my phone ring and cannot hear anyone on the phone.:mad:

    If there is no way around it, has there been any information released about this in v2.1?

    Thanks in Advance


  2. gunny5821

    gunny5821 Android Enthusiast

    I do not know of anything that will increase the volume coming out of the actual phone. The external speaker is extremly small, but the volume it puts out is equal to the size. I would suggest either using a Blu-Tooth Headset or a wired one. This will solve your out door problems and will give a much louder sound, due to the way they interact with your ears.

    Good Luck!
  3. rosered

    rosered Android Expert

    The speaker is very directional and you kind of need to learn where the 'sweet spot' is for your phone and ear. Yup sounds weird but it does make a difference, honest!
  4. CuBz

    CuBz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Ok thanks :)

    I'm sending it back anyway getting a different one
  5. kauvio

    kauvio Newbie

    took me awhile to figure out but i had to press the up button while in a call to get higher volume because the default set is at 50%, but even then its still not as loud as some other phones.
  6. Pigusmaximus

    Pigusmaximus Newbie

    Foe me the call volume and speaker volume is the main problem for me, they are to basic functions of a phone. Im ok with 1.6 at the moment, i put fixing the volume a higher priority than the os.
  7. CuBz

    CuBz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Me too. If 2. 1 would fix the volume problem I wouldn't be bothered about 2. 2 because there is nothing else I want other than HD video
  8. Aadarsh

    Aadarsh Lurker

    I am having the same problem with the handset, cant hear anything when outdoors or in busy places, i am planning to send it back...is this a one off problem or is it common with the xperia, 1.6 is alright but volume is a let down :)
  9. CuBz

    CuBz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    It is a well known problem and a lot of people have complained but Sony Ericsson make out like nobody has complained about it
  10. johnaachen

    johnaachen Member

    Does anyone know if people with the X10 mini or X10 min pro have this low volume problem?

    I think its an outrage that SE don't announce that they can fix this problem! Write to Watchdog and complain!
  11. CuBz

    CuBz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    As far as I've been told, the mini is better for volume but I can't confirm that
  12. mbailey

    mbailey Guest

    Only problem is Bluetooth volume is equally as low. :-(

    I agree with all the other comments on the thread regarding low volume, I really hope they manage to sort something out for the 2.1 release.
  13. wooks63

    wooks63 Well-Known Member

    I've seen loads of people on here complaining about the volume but I've really had no problem with it at all.

    The ringtone I use is very loud and I can clearly hear it outdoors even when it's in my pocket.

    When I'm using the phone, I can always hear the other person clearly. In fact, one of my friends is usually so loud I have to turn the volume down when talking to her!!!

    I wouldn't say my hearing is great, but I'm just wondering if the people who have a problem are those who listen to MP3 players all day long and so consequently have deadend their hearing.

    Just a thought.
  14. CuBz

    CuBz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Do you have the original size Xperia X10? If so you may be one of the lucky ones.
    On another note, my previous phone was a Nokia 5800, which is a very loud phone, so going from that to a phone with lower volume, may take some time for me to adjust to.
  15. wooks63

    wooks63 Well-Known Member

    When you say 'original size Xperia X10' I assume you mean the proper X10 and not the X10 mini or mini pro?

    Yes, it is the X10 (full size!).
  16. bjack56

    bjack56 Newbie

    I found the X10 to be fairly quiet at first, I don't know if I've gotten used to it or found the "sweet spot" as suggested, but I'm happy with it now.
  17. CuBz

    CuBz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I seem to be getting used to mine to, until I hear my girlfriends phone then I realise I low mine is lmao

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