Lower volume of background app while driving



I was coming from a Droid X with the Apex ROM. I would listen to music in the background and have a gps program running in the foreground, such as WAZE. Whenever Waze would speak, it would lower the volume of the background running app and then return it when done.

I was wondering if anybody knew if the S3 could do this by default, or do I have to use some other app? This is one of two things that if fixed, would make me really happy!



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If you press the side volume key, then when the scroll bar appears on the screen, press the little cog that appears on the right. There you can adjust the volume of notifications/apps/media etc.


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I've seen that gear icon thing and tried it, but my experience is that it lowers the overall volume. Here's an example...

- Start Pandora and jamming away. Minimize it/put it in the background.
- Start Waze (gps map). Put directions in.
- When driving and need to turn, it should...

-- lower pandora volume
-- say "turn left on street."
-- raise pandora volume

Right now, it doesn't do any of the raising or lowering of the volume for pandora, it just overlays it at the same volume. It would be nice to get it so you can hear the streets and directions easier.