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LTE 4G sucks up power

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MikesTooLz, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. MikesTooLz

    Thread Starter

    this is bad, while using 4G connection to download the phone eat up more power than the wall charger can provide.

    I had a half charge on my battery, connected the phone to the wall charger and started downloading the US Maps for the Navigon Mobile Navigator app(around 2 gigs). The phone indicated that it would take about and hour to complete so I just left it downloading.

    later on I went back to the phone to check the download status and battery had been fully drained and powered down. The phone was really hot as well, hot enough that I didn't really even want to hold it in fear of it burning my hand.

    with the battery drained, I could only get it to start charging back up by either leaving the phone off and charging or on with airplane mode on.

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  2. Silvist

    Silvist Android Enthusiast

    yup, basically to have super battery mode, use wifi and airplane mode. Yeah, the battery goes so fast its not even funny. Doesn't surprise me though because my friends iphone does nearly the same on 3g, but not AS BAD, but close. That's the whole reason I want to root.
  3. ickster

    ickster Android Enthusiast

    Yeah that sounds a bit extreme. But battery use is the biggest complaint on all smarty phones from what I've seen. I'll be buying a spare and charger for mine. I can see this puppy getting LOTS of use!
  4. MikesTooLz

    Thread Starter

    The issue is that the charger doesnt even supply enough power to keep the phone ON when using 4G.
  5. NoCreditDroid

    NoCreditDroid Newbie

    Anybody having buyers remorse? Any previous Optimus M owners feel like they could have been equally happy with that phone?
  6. MikesTooLz

    Thread Starter

    I used to have an Optimus M. I am still glad I got the Indulge. Expecialy since everyone here in South Florida is now having issues with the Optimus M not connecting to the android market and all apps requiring data are not working. Metro is aware of the problem and for the last 2 days has said they are hoping to have it fixed within 2 hours. You call back and they still give you a 2 hour time frame to be fixed.

    My indulge is working fine so I its got to be something that LG implimented in the phone or the 2G data network ( but webbrowsing still works) so who knows what the issue is.

    LG says they are unaware of any Issues, Metro stores are full of angry Optimus M owners.

    I feel the Indulge is a great phone, But if you can hold out for a few more months I think there will be another android phone with better features for the $400 price range.
  7. ickster

    ickster Android Enthusiast

    No remorse yet. I like this phone. A lot.
    Used the Navigator today. Sweet.
    I think I'm definately gonna go for a spare battery though.
  8. NoCreditDroid

    NoCreditDroid Newbie

    That is my dilemma...I paid $350 for the Samsung Code and my wife got the Finesse as soon as it came out years ago for the same price....so I am looking at droppin' $800 on 2 Indulge phones! I know months later there will be something better, but that will forever be the case. Hmmm...what to do?
  9. Silvist

    Silvist Android Enthusiast

    Its all about buying something you "want". If your buying it simply because its the latest and greatest, then that's what happens. I could give crap if new stuff is coming, long as what i got does what I want it to do. But, I can tell you being a metro employee, nothing is coming for quite a while on the 4g scope. They got some shitty phones coming, but I heard nothing else. INDULGE = FORTE (was the test name), so no other high end phones are listed. I read some info about HTC hooking up with metro, but again it'll take months to get it approved and tested.

    So if you want hella fast blazing internet, and a fast phone with good amount of memory, this is the phone you want. My LG is over clocked to 768 mhz, with custom rom. Why do i prefer the samsung over it? Adobe flash, adobe flash, adobe flash. Then toss in 4g, 3.5 inch display, and an alternate qwerty keypad. Not to mention the options inside of the phone like "task manager", and all the other typical samsung stuff.
  10. Silvist

    Silvist Android Enthusiast

    I hate to say it, but if you feel the wall charger sucks, buy an OEM samsung charger. Don't buy a charger from metro. I would either order it directly from samsung, or buy it from somewhere that supplies other samsung products. I mean sure the one that comes in the box has "samsung" written on it, but I swear that's not what other providers get in the box lol. Like people sell the micro mini charger for blackberry, but have you seen the OEM blackberry charger? That shit is like a brick in size where you plug it into the wall. I'm gonna look more into it myself, because just like the pos craft, it takes more than 2 hours to fully charge, which is bs.
  11. Silvist

    Silvist Android Enthusiast

    Oh, and I knew that the Indulge was coming for nearly 1 year since they announced going to LTE. I didn't know the specifics, but I "knew" we were getting androids, along with a LTE one. If you want to research it, samsung signed an agreement with metro for making the first LTE phone back like a year ago.
  12. ickster

    ickster Android Enthusiast

    For me it was simply a matter of wanting all that Android and on the fly internet had to offer. This phone delivers. It's as simple as that. I'm willing to pay a fair price if they'll deliver as promised. So far so good.

    The indulge is a great phone. period.
  13. NoCreditDroid

    NoCreditDroid Newbie

    I totally agree that buying something only because it is the latest and greatest is silly, but I just wonder how this phone is going to perform outside of 4g coverage. I live in Palm Coast, Fl...No 4g here, and I am assuming that I will have to have the 4g plan even though I will only get 1X...I am just on the fence if the lack of speed (connection wise) will down play the phone's capabilities. Have you or do you know of anyone using this phone in a non 4g covered area? Am I correct when looking at the maps that 4g is not in my area? Palm Coast is notoriously shi**y for cellular service...there are areas where no carrier gets service, but MetroPCS covers me well in most areas, and I get good signal indoors most places.
  14. MikesTooLz

    Thread Starter

    dunno about all that. the phone's faster processor does make it superior to the optimums M. However there is no way in settings to switch off 4G. I'm wondering if the phone would be searching for 4G the whole time draining the battery faster.

    Metro does offer a return period though of 7 days with less then 1 hour of talk time. you could always test it out and then return it.

    The key to your 4G issue is weather your covered by MetroPCS or if your in one of their roaming areas that you get to talk for free but through a 3rd party company that has a contract with metro. If your in a true Metro PCS coverage area, you should get 4G soon.
  15. Silvist

    Silvist Android Enthusiast

    You don't need a 4G plan for the Indulge. You "can" have it, but you can also tell them you want the 40 dollar plan. Yes, it works on the lowest plan. It won't give you all the goodies, but if you don't have the LTE coverage, then its not worth it to have the highest plan. IF they ever do install LTE down by you, you could always upgrade your plan. Most people don't know but there's 3 LTE plans. I think you could probably find them all on metropcs.com. Basically 40, 50, 60, is the price for the 4G plans. Check em all out, and see what you can use and what you cant due to lack of 4G.

    This phone is still bad ass without LTE, on WIFI it screams faster in speed than my LG optimus which is over clocked. Phone is bad ass, just ******ed we can't root it.
  16. nickrussel

    nickrussel Well-Known Member

    on metropcs website the only 2 plans available for indulge are $50 & $60. The $40 LTE plan is only available for Samsung Craft
  17. MikesTooLz

    Thread Starter

    Yeah because the craft is not a smartphone and the galaxy indulge is. They can still add you with the $40 plan at a metro store, its just a matter of finding someone that will do it. They add my line like that and I had to call and have them fix it.
  18. nickrussel

    nickrussel Well-Known Member

    Mike: when I bought mine, they said that I would either have to have a $50 or a $60 plan. Are you saying that you called them after you bought your phone and had them put you on a $40 plan, even though they know what kind of phone you have and they're not allowing $40 plan on this phone? How do you do that? And what can you do with this phone on a $40 plan, especially given that we haven't rooted the phone yet (and what can't you do)? metropcs website comparison listing looks quite confusing to me: the $40 plan has a checkmark in the "4G Web" but additional data access (whatever it is, when you click on it -> full details, explanation only comes up for the samsaung craft) shows N/A...
  19. MikesTooLz

    Thread Starter

    No, I'm saying that I went to the store and got the new phone with a new line added to the account.

    They added the new smartphone with a non smartphone plan $40. I called them up when we all were having the data issues on and off and the lady on the phone pointed out that the phone line was setup on a non smartphone $40 plan and she changed it over to the $50 plan.

    I had no problem with that at the time think it was the cause of the data going in an out. Then I find out later that metro was just having data issues and it was effecting everyone.

    So, is it possable? yes they did it on my account. But their not supposed to so unless you find someone who would set it up like that on purpose your stuck with the proper plan. In my case the person at the store must have been new and set it up like that by accident.
  20. nickrussel

    nickrussel Well-Known Member

    OK, this shed some light. Sounds so like customer service: "oh, you're having issues? you're just not paying enough... lol. So, aside from the data issues you were having, how did the phone work on this $40/month plan? Did any of the features not work? Anything at all?
  21. ccnemrod

    ccnemrod Member

    i am trying the tek4 charger i got from home depot.. i already had the charger and batteries from other tools i use so it was only a $20 investment for me.. i was at 20% battery life when i started charging, will let you know after its done..

    for anyone who buys this, it says it comes with the micro usb and several other adaptors, it does, but their are two different model #'s that even home depot wasnt aware of, 1 comes with the micro usb, the other comes with the ipod adaptor.. i found this out after getting the one with the ipod..

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