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LTE in Greater Vancouver - not working??

Discussion in 'Rogers' started by Cy1971, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Cy1971

    Cy1971 Member
    Thread Starter

    Jan 20, 2010
    I was wondering what kinds of LTE speeds people are receiving with Rogers.
    Specifically in the Greater Vancouver area and with the Galaxy s 2.

    I only hitting 2.5(ish) mpbs down. If I pull my battery, my sim card, or reset my radio I will get good speeds for a short while, around 20-40mbps and this will last for up to a few hours. After that its right back to the slow speeds.

    I have found others that are also experiencing this on other forums.

    After multiple calls in to Rogers support, I have not gotten any further.

    I have been told to go into a store and try a different sim card. Even though I told them that just removing my sim card and reinserting it will "reset" my speeds temporarily so unless they either give me a new sim or I wait at the store for a few hours its not gonna help. That being said in the interest of due diligence, I went to the store and I was told flat out $35 for a new sim card and they do not have live ones to test.

    I get told by various support people that "maybe you are just not close enough to a tower." Yet I keep pointing out that I can easily "reset" my phone and get the proper speeds so its clearly not a location issue. That never seems to sink in though.

    I have tried all their other support solution even though I know that they will most likely not work. Like changing to hspa only then back, trying in a different location. (I live in Surrey and work in Richmond) I have also done a factory data reset as per their instruction.

    My next step is to call them and demand my money back for a product that clearly does not function as advertised.

    Has anyone else experienced this with this phone, in this area?


  2. ImDaMan26

    ImDaMan26 Member

    Jul 26, 2011
    Web designer / Multimedia producer
    Toronto, Canada
    Hi there,

    Just saw your post about having issues with the LTE network with your SGS2. I own the same phone and I'm from Toronto where I have hardly ever had any issues with LTE, even within buildings where I only get only 1 bar which usually still gives me 15 up/down and when I'm at full bars, I get up to 50 down and 18 up.

    Since I've been in Vancouver for the past 2 days I can't get my phone to stay on LTE. I'm staying at the Hyatt Regency and there is an antenna about 100 feet from my bedroom window beaming right into the room and I get full signal at about -50dBm but LTE just does not want to work... In fact my phone will switch to LTE until I try to access the internet at which point the phone freezes for a few secs and then switches back to HSPA+. No data will go through it!!! I tried to walk around downtown, no luck! I seriously think there are issues with the LTE network here, like I said I have never had any problems in Toronto even on 1 bar!

    It could help you if you want to identify the nearest cell site to you by going to Canadian Cell Tower Map Finder. If you see a 10mhz antenna near you, it means its LTE compliant. If you only see 5mhz that's most likely 3G/HSPA and 0.2mhz are GSM/EDGE/GPRS. It could help you to try to get close to a cell site and run tests.

    Keep complaining to Rogers, they won't have any choice to fix it otherwise there's going to be issues with a lot of people who pay premium LTE prices.

  3. vikingisson

    vikingisson Well-Known Member

    Are you paying a higher gb rate for LTE? If you're not getting any satisfaction from support then I'd suggest changing your plan to non LTE. I tried LTE and while it worked really nice I couldn't see paying 3 times as much for the same data. $30 gets me 6GB of 3G or 2GB of LTE. I still get up to about 12MBs on 3G but even regular 3G is fast enough most of the time.

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