Help lte problems


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Is anyone else having lte issues? My 4g is super slow it takes like a good minute for a page to start loading on browser. Then 4g gets stuck in the send arrow and it loses 4g for a second then comes back and it does this continuously and eventually ending up on 3g its starting to piss me off. Im in a very good 4g area so i know its not that. I'm located in staten island, nyc


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I've read in a couple of other forums about people in NYC having 4G problems, but I would think it is a phone/radio issue and not necessarily a problem with the signal in NYC, but I could be wrong. I'm assuming you have the latest stock update, if not, then the newer radios may help your issue.

I've also read that a sim card switch can help those with 4g signal problems. You might want to call customer service to see if they can send you a new one.

You could always root, of course, which would give you even more radio options, but I would try the sim card thing first.


this has been a known issue for many on the TBolt since launch - I live in LA and constantly have the "stuck on 4G but getting no data and won't switch back to 3G" problem and have to reboot or reset the radio.

Some have claimed getting a new SIM from Verizon helped, but I've read some of those who came back later to say they ended up having the exact same issue after a while. I have used my phone stock, rooted and with every CDMA and LTE radio that has been released and nothing has fixed this problem -I'm about to throw this thing out and try something else. If I'm not getting reliable 4G or at least good switching to 3G when needed, I may as well go back to 3G only.