Help LTE SIM Card


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My better half has my Galaxy Nexus and I just ordered her a new Nexus 5 for x-mas. She is on t-mobile post paid plan, do you know if I have to get a new SIM card for LTE to work? Can we just move the SIM card over and expect LTE to function?



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nexus 5 takes micro sim if yours is micro then you just swap. just realized something. does galaxy nexus support LTE? if not then get a new one.


I would just try the sim from the other phone, update the PRL see what you get. Also I just ordered a new sim from T Mobile's sight for free in case you need to get a new one.


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I've updated two phones that required new SIMs from AT&T. Just walked in the store, asked for one and they gave it to me.


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It's definitely worth the time to go into you're carrier for a new sim, you'll be glad you did. I'm on AT&T with one and it's blazing fast. Noticeably faster than my brothers running on his eighteen month old sim. Needless to say upon seeing the differences he made a beeline to his carrier :)