lurk smerk, just saying hello - new to the Android Forum Community - Hello!!!



i just joined the community on android forums. i have been a part of xda, cyanogen, androspin for a few months, and finally joined this forum as well. thanks for all the resources and community help!

i am experienced in rooting my devices. i enjoy learning. i work for a software company in scottsdale az; StormSource. I am a software specialist, assisting clients in using our SaaS cloud-based appointment scheduling system.

as an early adopter of android g1, and currently using g2/mt3g slide, i am a huge fan of the android platform. i anticipate using the HTC Pyramid & am considering the Samsung Galaxy S 2 as my next device. I want the best, fastest, sweetest device! I keep waiting to update my contract in anticipation of the next greatest thing. eventually I will most likely invest in an android tablet device.

I love vinyl toys, good music, magazines, expanding knowledge & consciousness, and tech gadgetry. Currently, I am working towards CIS Network certification.

Happy to be a part of this community! Thanks for all of the information and assistance. Yay!


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"Thanks" button for the tip on the "thanks button". I had tried to thank before, but it didn't work cos I wasn't a registered member. Now it does, I appreciate the insight. Thanks for the tips, you are fabulous!