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M:Android .:: Grelec

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by EGO SENTi, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. EGO SENTi

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    For all those that missed our introduction or want to know more about us... start here.

    Name: Grelec (heater in en.)
    Category: Fun/Entertainment

    M:Android .:: Grelec <<< click here

    You need to open the download link on your android device in order to download the app.

    Alternatively, you can send an SMS containing "AND 53" to the number +386 51 630 630.
    You'll receive a direct download link in return. You will only be billed for one sent SMS at standard rate.

    Tell us what you think... If you like it, please leave a FB like vote...

    Summary: Instantly change your android phone into a handy hand warmer. And do it in style. :cool:

    About: Grelec will make sure you wont get frostbites on your hands in the upcoming cold winter days! Using some smart wickedry the app heats up your phone. After you install the app it is instantly ready for use!

    Concept: The idea for this app came to us while enjoying our morning coffee... The next step was the development and design of the app. The majority of our problems were focused around heating up the phone... Today's smartphones have a lot of safety functions to prevent heating. Using some innovative ideas we finally managed to do just that, heat up the phone. The M:Android contest enabled us to present the application to the community.

    Comments: At the moment the app is only available in Slovenian language, reason being certain restrictions imposed by the competition organizers. If you would like see Grelec in your own language someday, then please show us your support by voting for the Grelec. ;)

    M:Android: The contest is organized by the largest Slovenian mobile carrier, Mobitel and HTC corp. The public voting for the best Android app ends on December, 8th at midnight (CET). You can read more about the M:Android contest here. For the list of 54 competing app's click here. Sorry, both pages in Slovenian... please use gTranslate.

    Also, here's our FB page... Welcome! :)
    EGO SENTI | Facebook


  2. EGO SENTi

    EGO SENTi New Member
    Thread Starter

    Anyone tried it? Any feedback would be great. :)

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