Root M130 Unbrickable Root Kit update


The Casio Smartphone Guru
Hello fellow C771 users,
Some of you know about the boot.img situation and how having a insecure version is crucial to your phone's stability. But I present you with another scenario:
Instead of your phone's /system partiton being wiped, how about it is partly wiped, or not wiped at all? Let's say you did a factory data reset for some reason. (New Theme, New ROM, Other) That means that everything is gone, including the settings of if adb is on. When you boot your device, adb will not be on, and if you bootloop without a hard key recovery....
So here is a new boot image that has adb enabled by default. If you do a factory data reset, and reboot, adb will still be there!
When you download the file, download it to the location of the extracted toolkit file location, (should be "C:\sdktools", and replace the boot.img that is already there. Then follow the directions back on the origional guide. If your not comming from the guide, you can start here: INSIRT GUIDE HERE.
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