Help M4v to MP4 problem

So I looked all over the forum and found help but it does not seem to be working.

I tried this -
Just drag and drop to card. Make a file and call it movies. Go to the apps store and download astro. Then all you have to do is open astro find the file named " movies" and you'll see a list of the movies you dropped in the file and select the movie and it will pay. Make sure the movies are in mp4 format. If the file has an .m4v that's OK cause once you have the movie in the folder you can change it to mp4 by press/hold the actual movie file and select rename.

and it still does not work, is it because of DRM? A simple YES is fine and I'll hate Apple even more.



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I would say yes you prob have to remove DRM.Just renaming the M4V to MP4 is not gonna work in most cases.I would convert the files to MP4 and remove DRM then try it.There are converters that can do this.
Here is one i ran across by a simple google search im sure there are other converters as well.
M4V DRM Removal ? Convert iTunes M4V to MP4

You might try this QQPlayer from the market and see if it will play them.