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Mac not holding onto Bluetooth connection from my OnePlus6

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Stephen Humlen Grinstead, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. Stephen Humlen Grinstead

    Thread Starter

    Been using a MacBook Pro for 5 years with no Bluetooth problems whatsoever.
    Changed the Mac two days ago for a 2019 Macbook Pro.
    The Mac can see my OnePlus6 and occasionally the OnePlus can see the Mac but the connection only lasts a second or two before it drops it.
    I've done everything possible in the Mac and also cleared all the cache on the OnePlus.
    Anybody got any suggestions?

  2. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    Initially it sounded like there was some discrepancy in Bluetooth standards with your new laptop and your existing phone but after looking up specs online they both appear to support the same, current Bluetooth ver. 5
    Given Bluetooth v5 has a number of varying features, that could still be an issue where your laptop's or your phone's Bluetooth support may not include every one of those features.

    But statements like, "I've done everything possible in the Mac" indicate nothing more can be done to fix the matter if it is laptop related. Since you didn't have a problem using your OnePlus with your previous laptop that makes it less likely to be the problem, but less likely is not a definitive. Anyway, it would help if you actually state what things you have tried on your Mac to save repetitive suggestions -- i.e. have you done a reset on your laptop's Bluetooth module -- go into System Preferences >> Debug >> Reset the Bluetooth module
  3. Stephen Humlen Grinstead

    Thread Starter

    Thanks for your reply. I have been through many procedures with the online Apple support techs, incl. the debug reset and remove devices on both laptops I'm sorry but can't remember exactly but other procedures included holding down several keys and rebooting. I upgraded the first laptop from High Sierra to Mojave. The replacement laptop already has Mojave.
    As I am having problems with both new laptops I finally gave in and came to the conclusion it must be something to do with the mobile.
  4. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    OK, but given you initially stated things were working OK previously with your old laptop, and you've since upgraded it to Mojave and there's now a Bluetooth problem interacting with your OnePlus, plus the new laptop, running Mojave, is having Bluetooth problems interacting with your OnePlus, it would seem more likely to be a problem with the Mojave OS not your phone -- the logic being your phone is a constant, the laptops running Mojave are the newly added variations from what was working before.
  5. Stephen Humlen Grinstead

    Thread Starter

    Need to make some clarification. 1 old 2013 Mac laptop worked OK with Mojave. Purchased a new one Mac 2018, that had High Sierra which didn't work. I upgraded that to Mojave but still didn't work. After help from Apple support we decided there must be something wrong with the Bluetooth device on that machine so that was exchanged for another laptop this time Mac 2019 with Mojave. Still not working. Thats why I'm trying to see if it's the mobile.
  6. Stephen Humlen Grinstead

    Thread Starter

    Well now I am completely bamboozled! I took a video of the Bluetooth "Preferences" to show how it connected then dropped the connection. And just a test I decided to see if I could transfer the vid over to the laptop....and low and behold it worked, it connected then disconnected again as soon as the file was transferred. Too large to upload.
  7. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    Well, this is getting confusing but the bottom line is still a matter where your phone is the constant, and as far as Bluetooth what is working or is not working pertain to your laptops and what version of Mac OS they are running.
    I still tend to think your phone is not the problem here.
    But taking into consideration the Bluetooth chip (hardware) is a fixed entity for all the devices involved, in the event there's some kind of Bluetooth firmware conflict involved, the only thing I can think of would be to buy a Bluetooth USB adapter for one or both of your laptops and see if that solves the problem.
  8. Stephen Humlen Grinstead

    Thread Starter

    Confusing me as well svim. Why it should pair with a 2013 Mac but not 2018 or 2019 I have no idea. I know Apple are upgrading all their Macs form 32 to 64 bit, but all three of those I have used are 64bit so it's not that.
    However, yesterday, the mobile suddenly connected again, but not the bluetooth headset. (I've charged the headset so nothing to do with power)
    I'll look into the bluetooth adaptor suggestion.
    Regards from "confused dot com"!

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