Madcatz MOJO - Stay Away!


Jul 11, 2012
Wow, talk about a terrible experience. The MOJO is absolutely NOT ready for production. I was able to find maybe 10 games that were even compatible with it, and only ONE game that actually used the controller as advertised. NOVA 3 almost worked but even then there were some functions that didn't work (like swapping weapons, sorta important). The list of compatible games is misleading; many of those games will load, but they will not function with the controller (meaning: not at all).

Madcatz claims that the TegraZone games will work with the MOJO - that is a lie. Only a handful of them actually work. A gaming console that only works with a handful of games is pretty useless.

I updated the firmware exactly as instructed, and after rebooting the wifi did not work at all (it did before the update). An Android console without functional wifi is a paperweight.

I am going to return this unit and try to get a Nvidia Shield instead. I got the MOJO for my kid for Christmas. Talk about a disappointment. Luckily he also got a PS4, so it wasn't a total disaster.

The MOJO is an interesting concept, and if they ever get it working right it might - *might* - be worth the money. But as of now, no, not even close. Stay FAR away from this thing for now. You've been warned.
Its actually not that bad, input needs some work but the latest update fixed a bunch of issues apparently.