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Magic: The Gathering (Magic 2014)

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by shawnely, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. shawnely

    shawnely Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ignite Your Spark this year with Magic 2014 and discover a number of cool new things:
    1. Engaging Storyline: Join the Planeswalker Chandra Nalaar in a quest to track down a manipulative and dangerous Planeswalker Foe named Ramaz.
    2. All-new Sealed Play Mode: With Magic 2014, players will be able to open booster packs and build decks to play against the AI in a Sealed Play campaign and against other players.
    3. Android: It will be available on Android tablet for the first time ever via Amazon App Store and Google Play. Magic 2014 will also release this year on Xbox LIVE

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  2. RawlingsSc

    RawlingsSc Android Expert

    You mean Magic, The Gathering? Please, tell me more.
  3. shawnely

    shawnely Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Doenloaded it. The game cost $9.99. I have played a sealed match (campaign). Basically I got to crack 5 packs, and freely create a deck with that pile. I played the computer AI and it was fun. I won a pack to add to my sealed. I will try multiplayer (the option is there!) and report.

    Good/Bad or whatever, Magic on my phone!
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  4. RawlingsSc

    RawlingsSc Android Expert

    I was having a hard time finding it since there are so many life trackers on the play store. Finally found it in appbrain's list of hot apps today. Magic 2014. Looks good from the description. There isn't room on my phone for it, but when I get home I'll be downloading it to my tablet for sure.
  5. RawlingsSc

    RawlingsSc Android Expert

    Got it and am really enjoying it so far. I will very likely pay the $10 to get the full version. It doesn't say it, but I'm really hoping that the multiplayer is cross-platform. It would make sense, but you never know.

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