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Magnetic POGO Charger is Available!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SplicedX, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. kane1513

    kane1513 Newbie

    Ordered mine today... Uber excited!

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  2. tjreishus

    tjreishus Android Enthusiast

    Ordered one too. Im curious, are you able to get the 25 percent increase off of a 2.1 amp charger? Most USB phone chargers, auto USB ports and backup batteries are just 1 amp. I personally switched all my chargers out to be 2.1 amp and I have a backup battery with 2 usb ports. One is a phone port that is 1 amp and the other is a 2.1 amp port for tablets. I hope this doesn't require some new 3 amp charger to get the speedy charge.

    This car charger is nice because it is 2.1 per port
    Car charger
  3. jhonb

    jhonb Android Enthusiast

    I have been buying these and spreading them around.

    Amazon.com: SYBA Multimedia Upgrade Regular Wall Outlet (CL-ADA60006) -: Everything Else

    If you search the web, you can get them for 10 bucks. There are also other brands and styles out there. I have not used it on my Gnex or G10. I am experimenting on my wife's iPad and iPhone.....;)
  4. tjreishus

    tjreishus Android Enthusiast

    If your testing it out, could you try charging your N10 and her Ipad at the same time? I can't tell if the 2.1 amps is per USB outlet or if it is split between the two. I had a car charger that was 2.1 amps but I found out that if I plugged two tablets in, they were each only getting 1 amp. The tablets drained the battery slower, but they wouldn't charge at the same time. It's seems to be really difficult to find a dual charger that will do 2.1 per outlet. I guess it isn't a big deal if you don't plan on using both at the same time though.
  5. tjreishus

    tjreishus Android Enthusiast

    Now you have me wanting some wall outlets. I need to as this company if each port can provide 2.1 amps

    Wall Outlet

    Sorry.... Just read some reviews. It is only 700 milliamps.
  6. kristalsoldier

    kristalsoldier Android Enthusiast

    I'll definitely get at least one of these. But can only do do at the beginning of next month. I'm not confident about Google releasing anything by then or even 6 months after:>((((
  7. jhonb

    jhonb Android Enthusiast

    I will give that a try. I know on my wife's iPad if you plug it into a 1.0 power supply, it will not charge. it won't even reigster that it is plugged in. But when I plug my N10 into my old .85 nook charger, it registers it is charging. My wife does charge her iPhone and her iPad at the same time using the wall outlet but let me try it with the two tablets and I will let you know. I have two or three cigarette lighter adapters that have one port for 1.0 and one port for 2.1. I marked them with fingernail polish so my wife will know which one to plug her iPad into.
    At night, I plug both my N10 and My Gnex phone into the same Belkin brand wall outlet which is similar to the newer ones I bought and they both charge.
  8. jhonb

    jhonb Android Enthusiast

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    JAZZROK Lurker

    I ordered Mine on the 6th and on the 8th recieved a shipped e-mail. Hopefully it won't take too long.
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  10. Caveman419

    Caveman419 Android Enthusiast

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  11. Atma

    Atma Extreme Android User

    My Pogo has shipped :party:
  12. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    i was so jealous, i checked my gmail, and SO DID MINE!!!!!!!!!!!

    i was worried because the invoice they sent me had incorrect billing address, but they charged me and its shipped!


    thanks again OP!

    cant wait

  13. Caveman419

    Caveman419 Android Enthusiast

    Yep, nothing to do but suit back and wait now.....and check the mailbox everyday. So excited!!!!
  14. tanware

    tanware Android Enthusiast

    That though is a bid, not a buy now or store item. I think they want to open up stores on both ebay and amazon.
  15. Caveman419

    Caveman419 Android Enthusiast

    Yes it does require bids, that is why it is called an auction. :p See about a dozen posts up where this was first referenced.
  16. jhonb

    jhonb Android Enthusiast

    Plugged them both in to the wall outlet thing last night and both said they were charging. Both were 100% this AM.
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  17. 4ubest

    4ubest Android Enthusiast

    Mine has shipped also..
  18. chiph411

    chiph411 Member

    I am feeling left out. No shipping notification yet:mad:(
  19. Caveman419

    Caveman419 Android Enthusiast

    I am sending them negative thoughts until they ship it for you. ;)
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  20. Atma

    Atma Extreme Android User

    My shipping info was sent from PayPal. My account at the magnector site still shows it in processing. Maybe everyone that got shipping info used PayPal?
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  21. Caveman419

    Caveman419 Android Enthusiast

    Mine came from PayPal also. I did not see another option to pay....or you know that I would have used Google Wallet.
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  22. Atma

    Atma Extreme Android User

    I couldn't remember if there was another option or not. I was trying to make Chip feel better. :D
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  23. Caveman419

    Caveman419 Android Enthusiast

    They say that memory is the first thing to......I had an onion on my belt, because that was the style at the time....oh yeah memory does something again....darn it.
  24. Atma

    Atma Extreme Android User

    Yeah, they say that memory and being able to pay attention is .. Oh look! Kitties!

  25. Caveman419

    Caveman419 Android Enthusiast

    That was the laugh that I needed at the end of this Friday.

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