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Mail, download vs. synch

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by haldroidx, Aug 20, 2012.

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    I replaced my DroidX with a Galaxy S III. I don't get why the mail client is so much worse on the new phone. On the old phone, the client acted as a client. It checked for new messages on the server. It downloaded them. Because it's a mobile device, I configured it with a retention period so it wouldn't hang on to mail for ever, but it did hang onto all mail until it got to be that old. And I configured it not to delete mail from the server after downloading it because I use the mail client on my home computer as the final resting place for my mail, and therefore I let that client delete the mail on the server after download.

    That's with my POP3 account. Also, on the DroidX, I used the mail client for an IMAP account that I have. For that account, the mail client reproduced the full folder structure from the server.

    Now I've got the Galaxy S III, and the mail client there only seems to know how to synch. It downloads what's on the server. Then, once the mail is gone from the server (because I've downloaded it at home), it disappears from the phone as well. The fact that I've got it configured to retain mail for a month or 100 message is besides the point. This is not what I want.

    Then, for the IMAP account, which I did configure as IMAP on the phone, it's useless, because it only shows the root folder.

    Am I overlooking something, or do I need to replace this inadequate software with a third-party app? If the latter, what do you recommend?

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