May 23, 2010
I got my droid eris last Feb. 2010. I was always able to retrieve my POP yahoo mail, but it never worked like it should. Then one day a couple of weeks ago, it started working correctly, meaning I would hear a notification sound, the phone would vibrate and there would be a green number on the mail icon on my home page. I don't know what setting I changed, but it was working.

Then I decided to get a Mail Plus yahoo account so I could store all my emails in my Mail program on my Mac. I set up it up and all was working.

Then the 2.1 software update came through last week. Mail was not working correctly, so I reset up the yahoo account. The phone did it automatically and I noticed now it's using an IMAP and server address. I could retrieve my email OK, but again, it did not work as I expected.

Now, in the last 2 days, it is deleting mail from my server when I delete the mail from my phone. There WAS a setting that said Never Delete from Server in the Send/Receive setting area, BUT NOW THAT IS GONE!

Anybody have any idea what is going on? How can I fix this?
Bumping this back to the top. Isn't anyone else having problems with Mail on their Droid Eris?

Why isn't the Never Delete from Server checkbox in Settings in the Send/Receive area like it used to be? Is this something that was eliminated in 2.1? I don't want mail deleted from my server after I delete it on my phone!
Hello all,

No one ever answered this question and since the 2.1 update when I delete the yahoo emails with the Eris they are deleted from the Yahoo server. Therefore I cannot get them to Outlook 2007 at home. The was not the case before 2.1. As the OP said there is no option I can find to request to "leave emails on server."

Please help.

I have also downloaded the app for Yahoo but it is slow as crap and I do not like it.