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I could not find any topic in this, so I hope someone can help me out here.
I would like to have the shortest possible way to send a quick email as a mailto link on the desktop.
What potentially should work is the following url as a bookmark and save that to the home screen:
However, the default browser puts http: in front of this bookmark, when saving it.

Next what I tried to do was to create a tiny html page on the sd card with this mailto url as <a href=...> and have a bookmark to it from the browser. This works from the browser, but it does not work when trying to put this bookmark on the home screen. I get the following error:
(translated from dutch)
The linked application is not installed on the phone anymore
The last thing I tried was to create an email-only contact for this and put that into my favorites, but this does not allow me to automatically insert a Subject to it.

So, I'm at a lost. What I want to achieve is to send a quick email from my car when I am stuck in -for instance- a traffic jam to work. That is why I would like to have a mailto url with a Subject in it.
Arguably, when you are stuck in a traffic jam, there is plenty of time to press buttons and so forth, but I just want to be able to make it work ;)

I wonder if someone knows yet another alternative way that works?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions offered.


I think i found out the answer myself. Apperently, you can add the Subject=..information at the end of the email-address in your contacts.
This works nicely from within the phone environment, but does not work in the gmail web-environment, but that is something I only use for syncing contacts anyway.

So, the solution to my problem is to create a contact with only one emailaddress, and have the address look like described in my first post.

Use the '+' add button on the home screen to add this one contact and set the default option to 'send email'. The icon appears on the home screen.
Once you tap on it, the preferred email application launches and the To and Subject line are filled in. The keyboard also opens. Click on the lower left to make the keyboard disappear and the Send button appears. You now can send the message.

The only thing I do not understand is that the signature appears twice in the composed email. 'Sent from my HTC' is shown twice.

But for now, I can live with that.

I hope this helps other people as well.