Help Main version is older - Update fail - unrooted incredible


My wife's Dinc has been having issues lately - locking up, excessive battery consumption, not receiving texts...on and on.

I decided to reflash her phone back to 2.1. I followed the instruction in another thread using to bring her phone back to it's original state. When I powerup into HBOOT, the phone checks the zip file and then gives the error - Main version is older, Update fail.

I have read through several threads for a solution but all are assuming that the phone has been rooted. This is not the case here. Any suggestions??


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First, do NOT attempt to downgrade to 2.1, only 2.2.

Second, there is currently no way to downgrade back to 2.2 from the previously leaked file unless you were rooted. You however, may still be able to upgrade to the official OTA when it's released.


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The phone is running hboot 0.92 and the downgrade you're attempting uses hboot 0.77 hence the error. This is always the case as it relates to hboot versions. You can either factory reset or wait for the 2.3 OTA update which is now rolling out.