Maintenance Apps for Samsung Galaxy S2.


Hey guys, i wanted to know if there are any apps i can use to keep my phone (samsung galaxy s2) healthy? and are there any apps i can use to test if it is healthy...




I use "Advanced Task Manager". Make sure you periodically kill all apps you're not using. They drain your battery and honestly i think half of them are spyware. I've noticed facebook likes to continue running in the background even after you kill it. WHat a friggen virus. Each of these processes eats up a little memory, a little battery, a little bandwidth, but it all adds up.


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This ^^^

Task killers actually eat up more battery power than the save. Android has a habit of loading lots of things into memory, although, they just take up memory. If you kill these apps off, android will just reload them. Android will automatically kill apps if it determines that it needs the memory if your actually using an app.

It's a useless game off cat and mouse, that your battery life will suffer the worse for.