Help Major Crash Problems....Please help


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Hello Guys,

I have a problem that is absolutely doing my head in and cant for the life of me find a solution.

Basically, a couple of weeks ago I upgraded to 4.03 via Odin (19100XXLPS)

My battery life is fine then all of a sudden the phone freezes and I cant do anything. After I do a battery pull you can see on the very right hand side of the graph that my battery power drops a good 15% - 30% each time this happens.

Ive tried installing System Panel pro and monitoring but because I have to do a battery pull I cant seem to find an App that is maybe hogging the CPU?

Is this a hardware problem?

I am on the 3 UK Network, would it be anything to do with the fact that I havent used the official 3 ICS Update?

Kind Regards