Major discussion on iPhone forum re: the Galaxy S III


Thought some of you might find this interesting: there's quite a discussion on the iPhone forum regarding the Galaxy S III.

Your thoughts on the Galaxy S III - MacRumors Forums

Some things the forum likes about Galaxy/Android:

"Hardware-wise, Samsung does a great job. It has high-spec quality components..."

"I don't know how samsung do it, but their android phones seem to operate so much more smoothly than all the others."

"I want one. Had a SGS2 before I got my 4S and thought it was a good phone. Only thing I really didn't like about it was the plastic which felt cheap. Android on the other hand was no where near bad as I've heard people here make out..."

Some things they seem to dislike:

"The problem with Android is its poorly optimized, untimely updates (most don't even get updates) and in case of Samsung cheap build quality. I'd take HTC One X over Galaxy S3."

"The main reason I still use an iPhone is because of the integrated platform. Android is still extremely fragmented and updates scarce. There's also the lack of security due to the marketplace being completely open."

"I cannot point out any special design features that set it apart. Motorola's Droid RAZR and HTC phones have special design features that set them apart."


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The bit that leapt out at me was the bit about openness and security... Quite a misrepresentation & wilful misunderstanding IMHO. There are measures in place to ensure some degree of confidence that you're not installing malware. Not only that but personally, I'll take the responsibility for ensuring I only install reputable apps and get to enjoy a reasonably open system over walled garden/gilded cage any day!