Sep 1, 2011
Dear Android users,

I just screwed up bad. I downloaded MoreLocale2 on my HTC Sensation in order to have the option of writing and reading things in arabic. I installed it, started the program and chose arabic as language without (go ahead and call me an idiot, well deserved) checking in before hand what exactly would happen.

Now everything is in arabic and I can't figure out any way of getting it back to Swedish. I tried uninstalling the program (after a lot of trouble translating) but everything is still in arabic and the phone is slow.

Does anyone know whether I can reverse this stupid misstake and in that case how?

I might have paniced a little. Problem solved by simply figuring out how to change the language in the phone back to Swedish.
I did that on a Galaxy 3. The phone was in Czech, and I accidently hit Bulgarian trying to switch to English. Found a picture of the phone's setup menu and figured that everything was in the same place even in a different language. It was, and I got it into English. Since I don't read Cyrillic, it was a panic.
Not that it's needed at this point, but in a worst case scenario wouldn't a factory reset default the language back to English?