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Major Macbook Problem As A Direct Result Of Kies Software

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by coupese, Apr 26, 2012.

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    1st post ........ be gentle!!!

    Myself and wife bought a Galaxy S2 each a couple of weeks ago on O2.

    I read on here about the ICS update and dutifully installed Kies on my Macbook Pro last saturday (21st).

    My wires Galaxy connected to Kies 1st time without a problem and the ICS update was done and dusted.

    I tried to connect my Galaxy and after re-installing software, removing the sim card and every other permutation i could think of ....... still wouldn't connect ...... i gave up and found i could do the ICS update via my handset which worked fine.

    Then the problems started on my macbook!

    Every time i opened my macbook lid my cpu core temps would hit 90 degrees C in a couple of minutes without running any software. This has gone on for a few days and restarting my macbook has been the only solution. Today i've had time to find that an service called 'Kiesviawifi' was the culprit and even though Kies wasn't working was using unto 90% of my cpu trying to do something. Uninstalling Kies did not solve the issue as this and several other Kies services were installed elsewhere on my macbook and had installed themselves in my automatic login section. As ever the internet and time gave the solution to properly uninstall ALL of Kies hidden services. My macbook is now back to normal and running at a normal 40 degrees C. Not sure if this is a known issue??

    I'm seriously unimpressed with Samsung producing such a 3rd rate piece of software that is so glitchy. I cannot understand why it would connect to my wires phone but the next minute not see mine even after i reset it. Both phones work fine in USB mode.

    After a little more searching i also found that RIM had also kindly installed 4 hidden services even though i thought i'd removed the Blackberry software.

    Really happy with the Galaxy S2 and ICS. Both of our mobiles have 'black-screened' since the ICS update but removing the battery has sorted it.

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