Major volume problem?!


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OK so last night my phones volume was loud. After I kept losing 3g (in the hospital) I haven't used any music or sound. Now after I get home and try to play music I can go up to 5% on the slider and that's it even with head phones plugged in its still vary low I checked all settings and tryed to some experiment nothing anyone had a same issue or such? I'm running one click no data fl22 stock root. I don't wanna restore because I hate losing all my apps settings and contacts of such. If I restore using one click no data will all my info data pictures apps still be on the device?

Never mind I fixed it my self.
Turns out the speeder app caused the problem I don't why but when I disabled the app and denyed su to it. Following a reboot device came back up in no time with my volume loud yay (; hope his helps with an issue. Duo it maybe me causing the problems lol


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Glad you got your sound back to normal. Just for your info, a no data install doesn't format data or wipe user info. It is sorta like receiving an OTA upgrade. As for Contacts, if you have them synced to a Google account you could totally wipe your phone and start fresh then just enter that same Google account and re-sync and all your contacts would be back.