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Make Google Goggles work!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by disambiguation, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. disambiguation

    Thread Starter

    Can anyone tell me something that is guaranteed to work on Google Goggles? I've had nothing work so far, and I tried about 50 different things last night - it either returns no results almost immediately, or scans until the phone goes asleep.

    Is it not working because the camera on the X10 is so crap? Perhaps my camera is bust because on any setting, with image stablising on or off, most of my images are blurry, with varying light, and it doesn't focus. Also, in low light the screen appears to have waves of lighter and darker areas going across it when I try to take photos, which is weird. I'd gladly take the camera in my 5 year old K800i over this one anyday. :mad:

  2. kungfu0210

    kungfu0210 Lurker

    I've managed to get it to find things on the web, but I find its a nightmare to get a decent photo.It doesn't take the photo that's in the view finder as I press the button.Instead it zooms into some random corner of the photo so most of the time its not enough of the picture for it to search with.
    Other scanners I've used have taken the photo as it appears in the view finder, it's only google goggles that can't manage it.
  3. arkangeluk

    arkangeluk Android Enthusiast

    i've used it a couple of times. its more a novelty just now because i think its a relatively new app. know what you mean about the picture but i find if i remember to alter the view box then it works ok.
  4. sbrettell

    sbrettell Lurker

    I've had no problem with Goggles at all. Just about 1/2 hour ago, I took a picture of a box at Walmart, and found a cheaper place to buy what I was looking for. I've used it for books, stores, and even my remote on my television. There are some cases where it doesn't turn up what I hoped for, but that's life.

    There's a grid on the screen, and you're best off fitting your picture into it.

  5. disambiguation

    Thread Starter

    Well - duhh!!! It just plain does not work for me. After an hour or so draining my battery trying last night, absolutely nothing was recognised, from books, barcodes, famous logos to an Xperia X10 itself! These things are in googles goggles advert material which implies they should work.

    I've given up and removed the app. I may try a re-install, but now don't know if I can be bothered, at least until they improve the recognition technology. :(:(:(
  6. BingoRingo

    BingoRingo Android Enthusiast

    I haven't had any luck either. I use however Barcode Scanner and recently I started using ScanLife to help find better prices online. You need the bar code though. I found that ScanLife is much better at scanning and recognizing the code, but Barcode Scanner directs you to Google almost immediately.

    Google Goggles... nothing!

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