Jul 2, 2010
When using word prediction that is. Why doesn't the phone do this by default? Is there a setting somewhere for it?
In my experience it seems that Android (any keyboard) likes to add the space preceding the subsequent word instead of following the just typed, swyped, flicked, or whatever word. My guess is that helps the predictive typing work.
SwiftKey does what you're looking for.

I am torn on whether or not I like that, however. Sometimes the word that is predicted will be the root of the word I am looking for, say predicting, for example. I start typing and predict comes up. On the stock keyboard I select it and type ing, but if the space is added, I have to backspace first.
Hmm... it didn't for me... Bought swiftkey and I like it already! :p
Glad swiftkey is working out for you. It certainly has a large fan base.

Just a point of clarification for others who might come across this thread, the google keyboard is NOT the stock (default) android keyboard.