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link to the kitchen UOT Kitchen

Kitchen features:

Flashing script for Data++ Roms (NEW!)
Popup customizing (NEW!)
Support for stock odexed roms
Support for GB roms with Sense
Optional Theme preview
Overscroll glowing
Font packs
Supporting Theme Chooser for CM7 roms
Enable transparency in status bar for GB roms
Supporting Gingerbread roms
Edify and Amend installation script
Supporting hdpi and mdpi roms
Patch9 images auto-fix
Super Circle Battery with %, version [A-P]
Custom style battery, version Z
Themed icons for status bar
Uni-color icons
Customizable notification drop-down window
Bootanimation changer
Corrected files for popular roms/themes
Custom battery for MIUI rom
Showing battery % while charging
Custom charging animations
Windows animations
Icons for Notification Power Buttons


How kitchen works

Kitchen originally was build for HTC Desire, but now it supports most devices with Android OS.
Kitchen takes files from your rom and adds modifications you choose.
It works for most custom deodexed roms: Froyo (2.2) and Gingerbead (2.3).
You can use kitchen with stock odexed roms (if you have .odex files in your rom - kitchen works for you too)

How to use kitchen

1. Go to Kitchen page UOT Kitchen. Kitchen

2. Browse through available mods and choose what you need (don't forget to press Generate preview if theris such button)

3. Go to File upload section and upload your files or choose rom from kitchen's list (most roms in the list is for HTC Desire)

Files needed to upload:
Froyo rom: framework-res.apk
Gingerbread rom: framework-res.apk and SystemUI.apk
Gingerbread with sense rom: framework-res.apk, SystemUI.apk and
Cyanogenmod7 rom: Cyanbread.apk or Androidian.apk or any theme for ThemeChooser (rename as you like it to apear in theme menu)

NOTE 1: if you uploading theme apk - do not upload any other files (you just waisting trafic, because kitchen will ignore additional files)

NOTE 2: Font packs and Bootanimation do not requires uploading files.

4. Go to Summary section. All choosed mod must be in green background. If there is mod in red background - it means you did not finished it.

press Submit work to kitchen

5. Remember UOT file name. You can wait for a kitchen to cook your request, but after 5min waiting will be stopped (nothing to worry about).

6. Go to Pickup page UOT Kitchen. Pickup and wait for your file to appear (it can take up to 30min or more)

7. Download UOT zip into SD card of your phone

8. Reboot into recovery

9. Wipe cache and dalvik-cache (just in case). Do not make factory reset.

10. Flash UOT zip

11. Reboot phone

How get files for kitchen

Check your How-to page

What to do of the UOT-......... ZIP file

1. Reboot into recovery.
2. choose "install zip from sdcard"
3. choose "choose zip from sdcard"
4. locate your file UOT-... .zip in SD
5. confirm "YES - install UOT ... .zip"
6. wait for script to finish
7. reboot phone

If you cooked file for ThemeChooser - you can unzip UOT and install apk as regular one. After that - select new theme in Theme Chooser and reboot phone.

WARNING! Flash UOT file after you have first boot.
If you flashed new rom, boot up your phone first time
and after that reboot into recovery to flash UOT file.

What to do if you get SHTF error

Kitchen uses inteligent approach to your files and tryes to fix most of errors, but sometimes apk tools fails to recompile your files and kitchen can't do nothing.
If you get SHTF error and want to ask for help in forum - please, mention UOT file name and ROM or Theme you are using. Also, telling your device will be very helpfull.

If you using popular ROM/Theme - you can try to cook our corrected framework-res.apk from the list.


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Here's some screens of my new mods. :D

The new system font on some of my widgets, also got my ADW Notifier working:

And my new notification window:

New screen animations, too.

Thx for the link Blaxican.


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Here's some screens of my new mods. :D

The new system font on some of my widgets, also got my ADW Notifier working:

And my new notification window:

New screen animations, too.

Thx for the link Blaxican.

:D i started one yesterday but did not finish ill try again later lol


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when you get to the file upload part choose system files an upload framework-res.apk and SystemUI.apk you can get them inside the cm7 beta rom. then go to summary and summit to kitchen look for you file number in the pick up when done place of sd and flash from recovery it will theme your system theme in cm7 theme chooser.


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lets say your using the sense rom just unzip it to a folder on your desktop and go to framework folder and scroll down tell you find framework-res apk
its me HAZEGOTJUTWIST... i forgot my password and i had to wait oh well... so im not using an roms on my Optimus M as of this moment and i want to install this rom on my phone that i created how do i do that cause i dont know how to find the framework file


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you dont have to flash a rom just use rom explorer to go it to system frameworks folder and get the framework-res apk