Making Note2 Wireless: Bezel Frame Q

Hey, I tried to search for what I mean and I didn't see a good answer to my question...

I have a Verizon Note2. Occasionally I have problems with the usb port being silly about charging/working, but of course not when I take it into the store for them to evaluate it for a free replacement. (It's actually my replacement phone from the original, as my first Note2 had a bad usb port that stopped working after 4 months.)

One of the techs suggested I look into wireless charging, but since Verizon's middle bezel frame for the Note2 doesn't have the right contacts free, obviously he couldn't help any further.

I bought a wireless charging Qi tag, and now just need to install it. But rather than tamper with the bezel (cut it like others have done), I'm wondering if I couldn't just buy a replacement OEM bezel with those contacts exposed?

Other replacement bezels say they only work for one carrier, and I'm just wondering if it's something more than whether or not those contacts are exposed. If not, then I should be able to buy a non-Verizon bezel frame and use it in my Verizon phone (and keep my Verizon one in case I need to swap them out for repair/warranty reasons), right?

Thanks guys!