Making Study Folders...


Howdy all! I just purchased my first tablet. I got a Pantech element 3.2.1 (not sure what flavor that is). Anyway, I have tons of PDF/Powerpoint/Word/etc... documents I want to put on my tablet. Is there a way to make a folder that says "Study crap" on one of my main screens, then when clicked a folder opens with all those documents? Basically just like you would do on a PC?
Any help would be MUCH appreciated. I leave the country in 2 weeks, and I'll be in a hot hot place for the next year, so I need to get this accomplished ASAP. :cool:


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Astro, a file manager app, allows you to do this. On my phone I chose to add a shortcut to the desktop, then selected Astro from the list of options, then chose a folder on my SD card. This gave me an icon on the screen that took me directly into Astro's view of that folder.