Making system apps user apps issue.


Hey guys,

I downloaded greenify app so I could hybernate some of the bothering apps such facebook, maps etc. In order to do that you need to either uninstall the apps or move them to user apps. I also downloaded Titanium backup and bought license for this purpose because I'd been told this program could make it. The problem is there is supposed to be an option for moving system app to user app but I don't have it there even if I hold my finger on a particular app there is only an option - remove the application by force ( something like that I have it in czech) or integrate update to ROM. That's all nothing like move system app an user app. So I tried out to remove the apps and I was successful with facebook but I can't uninstall maps. If I try to my cellphone restarts and that's all. I tried different app as well and even in looked like it was successfuly removed it was still there and after I reset my phone, the update was downloaded. I don't know what to do, I really want those apps to hybernate through greenify.
I'm asking for help, thx. and yes my phone is rooted obvisiously.