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Making the X10 more responsive, less laggy

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bizkid, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. bizkid

    bizkid Lurker
    Thread Starter

    If this was already posted before i'm sorry, after spending some time with google i couldnt find anything about this and i'm actually surprised nobody noticed this yet.

    Forget about those task killing apps. Regular programs and widgets like mediascape, timescape and other small widgets are not the problem with the X10. Those all idle happily without sucking any CPU cycles.

    The problem is the face recognition service running in the background. You can kill this via Astro and it wont come back until you reboot. This service tries to recognize faces from everything thats displayed on the screen, what a stupid idea. Anyway by doing that it eats 20-90% CPU power while using the cellphone (see photo, Astro idle). I guess this service only truly IDLEs when the screen turns off, so it probably wont save much battery when not using the phone, but the UI is ALOT more responsive without that service running.

    I especially noticed the difference with ACV (comic reader) where you had to wait 4-5 seconds for every picture to load, while now without, pics almost load instantly.

    Another small but nice "tweak" is simply removing the protective film that comes from the factory on the X10 (the 2nd one). After that the touchscreen get's a bit more responsive.

    By the way I never thought the X10 was laggy to begin with, but now it's a real joy to use! :D

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  2. MrVeezo

    MrVeezo Newbie

    Ive done it by using ES task manager and to be honest i dont see any changes but its only me, hope it will help to some of you guys :)
  3. bizkid

    bizkid Lurker
    Thread Starter

    It's ofcourse only necessary if that service is actually using CPU cycles on your phone. Some users have the same thing happening, for others it stayed at 0% cpu usage. My guess is something is buggy about that service. I had it running that way for 2-3 days straight using 50-90% CPU resources, killed it, and after a reboot, it started right again. It seems its caught in somekind of loop. My phone is almost brand new (~1 week) and i noticed this right from the start with nothing fancy changed or installed. Hope this will be fixed from Sony soon, till then this is a good workaround. You can also kill the service from the application options, no astro necessary.

    This also speeds up the HTC keyboard very nicely. When i got fast with T9 keyboard i sometimes had to slow down, whereas now it's impossible to reach that speed for me, the X10 always keeps up.
  4. razvan06

    razvan06 Android Enthusiast

    conirmed ! ..only i did this before reading the post ,but it works :)
  5. prawn04

    prawn04 Lurker

    hey, what do you mean by astro?? i don't get it
    and i don't know how to do it via the application options?
    i have a xperia x10
    plz help,
    thank you
  6. huntleth

    huntleth Well-Known Member

    Hi Prawn,

    Go to the Market and search 'ASTRO', it's a free app.

    When open, click the menu button -> Tools -> Process Manager, this is where you can kill selected processes :)
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  7. dibberly

    dibberly Android Enthusiast

    just looked at mine and the face recognition came up at 0% for cpu usage??
  8. Nasty

    Nasty Newbie

    huntleth thanks you ! ... is there any other thing u killed ? ... its been 2 days i have the phone .. and i dont want to kill sumthing important.

    Also when u say : and after a reboot, it started right again.
    does that mean that i have to re-kill it when i close the phone ?
  9. Nasty

    Nasty Newbie

    where can i see this ?
  10. OmniCoRp

    OmniCoRp Member

    Installed the app, and found the taskmanager, but it seems that my face recognition service isn't running at all, so i must have turned it off somewhere or one of my other apps have done it for me.

    But i've never really experienced much lagg, only on start up, but thanks for the info anyways ;)
  11. dibberly

    dibberly Android Enthusiast

    In Astro when you click open, click the menu button -> Tools -> Process Manager, this is where you can see selected processes

    My face recog comes up as 0%

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