Jul 26, 2010
Hey Everyone,

I've been reading this forum a lot since receiving my N1 about a 5 weeks ago.

I am going traveling for quite a while and want to take the N1 with me, with the hope that I can make calls directly to land lines in Canada whenever I have wifi.

Any suggestions on the easiest way to do this?

Thanks everyone,
- Diego
I tried Nimbuzz and with very limited testing it is working beautifully. I easily connected to my skype account and skypeout credits. I was able to make skype to skype calls and then a skype to land line call (using my skypeout credits). There is a bit of a lag in the call which seems to get better as the call progresses, but other than that, it is working great. This will come in handy while I travel. Thanks for your help!
I am currently in Canada with a Tmob N1 and am doing exactly what you are wanting. Here is what I recommend:

1. Get a speakout wireless SIM card (7-eleven in western Canada) (you need to buy a phone to get the sim, but its PAYG at its finest, data doesn't work so well on the N1, but doesn't matter too much to me at this point). Right now they are running a promotion, buy $100 worth of vouchers, get a free 1661 nokia phone, which is a pretty awesome deal. More info at speakoutwireless.ca. You NEED a 403 area code (Calgary) phone number for GV to forward to this phone in Canada.

2. Get a google voice account, I use GV as my primary number in the states with TMob, and then I also got the speakout SIM with a 403 number. I forward all texts and phone calls to my 403 number (for when I have no wifi).

3. Sign up with SIP gate for a free SIP number.

4. Download sipdroid on your N1 (google it) and setup with all your SIP gate info.

5. Download GVoice Callback from the marketplace.

6. Run SIPdroid on your N1, and enable GVoice callback on your N1 and whenever you call someone, it will ring your VoIP number (Sip Gate) through the sipdroid app.

sounds complicated, but is very straight forward to setup. Good luck eh!