Feb 24, 2021
I have a an old Hisense tablet that I do not have the heart to trash. It does what I need it to do but it has begun to act up. I think my Grandson uploaded something he should not have.

I would like to run Malwarebytes or something else like it to see if something has gotten in. I was unable to find Malwarebytes in the play store (when looking from that tablet) but of course it is there. When I went to Malwarebytes in a browser (again from the same device) I found a link. Following the link, it just would not open. At one point I saw something that said the this version would not work with my version of Android.

In the Play Store from the device I see a lot of other malware apps. But I do not know what works and what doesn't.
So I am asking you folks for your help.
What malware app should I use with Jelly Bean ( 4.2.1) to clean up this tablet?

Hiesense model: M470BSA
Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1

Thanks in advance for your help...
why do you think you have malware? a factory reset will delete the malware as suggested by @Dannydet
Probably - JellyBean is old enough that the type of malware that could install as a system app would still work. You'd be unlucky to meet that type of stuff, because it was never common and it's a long time since devices were vulnerable to that type of exploit, but it is possible.

Why do you think you have malware is a good question - not everything odd or unexpected is a malware infection.

You could actually find an old version of MalwareBytes at apkmirror.com. What I couldn't tell you is whether a version that's old enough to support your device would be able to download an up-to-date set of malware signatures - you'd have to try that yourself. I also couldn't tell you which is the most recent version that would work with a device as old as yours. But they have versions going back to 2015, so I expect that at least some of them would run on JellyBean.

I don't feel I can advise on other apps, not least because I don't know which other apps you can see in the Play Store. I'd personally stick with companies that have a reputation that extends beyond Android, rather than just trusting download numbers and Play Store ratings - I've seen plenty of dodgy "security" apps whose business model is mining data from the people who install them gaining high scores on both of those metrics (the "CM" apps from the unlamented Cheetah Mobile, who were eventually banned from the Play Store for other reasons, were a prime example).
Sorry for the delay in this reply. But Thank You for your input. I will look for older versions as you suggest.