Apr 16, 2010
My usb port stopped working so I can't charge :/
Had to go back to my blackberry till I get my replacement and my life seems empty now haha
I agree, its the coolest phone I've even own (or seen).
Like McDonald's says, "I'm luvin it".

I'm glad you're luvin it, I think there are only 5 out of a few thousand on here who thinks the Evo rocks.

I can't think of anything to complain about on this phone, and I'm trying hard to think of something right now.
Its just a phone people lls...guessing you all had a razor before Evo...if thats the case then your excused
Dude, weren't you the one who made like 10 threads all within a 15 minute time span basically hating on everything about the FroYo update??

I sure was....We worked out our differences post Froyo and now our relationship is stronger than ever. ;)