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Samsung Stratosphere with Verizon carrier. When I go to "manage applications" in settings, and tap the "All" option, I get a list of the applications that are downloaded, on the SD card or running (or probably a mix of these). When I tap some of the applications, like "" for example, I see a list of permissions that the application has access to. Common in many of these is the "Your Location" permission. Well, I don't want to allow these applications to have those permissions. I choose not to have location finder on and i want to remove the applications i don't want because of the crazy permissions they have access to. The problem is I cannot remove some of them.

A list of things popping up that i would like to stop or remove:
Amazon Kindle
Analog Dual Clock, Clock 3, Clock 4

How do i remove these or stop them from running?


Often Off Piste

If the apps are factory installed you cannot remove them without rooting your phone. But you can disable them which will stop them from doing anything or from appearing in the app drawer. Find the app and press the disable button. Disabled apps are listed right at the bottom of the all tab should you wish to enable them again later.