Oct 26, 2022
PDF Reader makes your work faster & more efficient. It easily opens PDF documents, wherever you are, whether you are in the office or outside.

Free PDF Reader supports reading all types of documents available in PDF format such as e-books, flyers, job applications, scanned documents, brochures, etc. In addition, it is a pocket ebook reader you can take anywhere you want, it's your companion to find new knowledge from e-books and online documents.

Why PDF Reader app is good for you?

- User-friendly: the best PDF reader with an extremely simple interface that helps you read PDF easily and open documents instantly when downloading from the Internet.

- Fast: No need to wait long to PDF viewer.

- Light: PDF Viewer is lightweight, it doesn't take up much memory. During use, this app does not create more space or drain your device's resources.

Top features on PDF app:

- Fast PDF reader, available in all PDF free formats, receipts, photos, business cards, whiteboards, v.v.

- Easy document navigation with Go to page features.

- The Night mode feature supports reading at night.

- Two reading modes: Continuous & page-by-page.

- Scanning all PDF files helps you not to miss any documents.

- Professional management: Easily continue reading documents from Recent & Favorites.

- Easily share documents via social networks.

PDF Viewer app is a pocket-sized office assistant. Read and manage PDF documents free with PDF opener. With many attractive features, reading & working with PDF documents has never been so easy!