Apps manipulating gps


Hi, Im a java programmer new to android. Im currently doing some research into geo location based applications and privacy and want to develop an app that can counter the privacy concerns.

I want to develop a security app for a college project that can alter my gps co-ordinates on my device, thus fooling all other apps on my phone into thinking Im somewhere else, may be another country or just a mile away.

I am aware that there are apps out there in the play store to do this. im new to android development, but competent in java.

I believe there are classes and methods that can be used. such as Location and setMockLocation. I could use some advice or a point in the right direction.

I believe these methods and classes are normally used for testing purposes but If I could use them to say fool a service into thinking Im in my city, but not in my neighborhood.

Any help, advice would be greatly appreciated